Why recruitment needs to include sustainability.
Published: December 17, 2021

To grow value in your business it goes without saying you need to recruit the right people. But where does sustainability come into this? It used to be a case of asking – is this person right for the job? Now those seeking work are asking – is this company right for me? The pandemic has played a part in changing this. It has led to workers asking themselves ‘what do I actually want to do, and what jobs will make me feel happy and fulfilled’? They are now more than ever choosing to work for organisations where their job feels like a natural extension of their lives, what they believe in and what values they hold close. 

Research revealed that over half of those surveyed considered sustainability as a key factor when deciding which company to work for. But twenty five per cent didn’t believe it was a priority for their employer. Attracting such talent, particularly those from Gen Z, is no longer something that can left to chance, or a brief mention on the website of the good work that the company is doing. These people are attracted to businesses that are genuinely making a difference in the world, and to roles where they too can make an impact. 

Many businesses are making a concerted effort to move towards being more sustainable, but if they don’t have a long-term sustainable strategy that’s been embraced by all of their stakeholders, then job seekers will look elsewhere.

The reason many businesses fail to attract the best talent is that they’re stuck in old ways of working: the short-term pursuit of money, worrying more about shareholders than stakeholders, paying little more than lip-service to the sustainability of the products they make or the services they offer. Those looking for work may once have paid scant attention to issues like this too. Not anymore. Wherever you look you see that businesses are being held accountable like never before.

All businesses need a recruitment strategy that they review on a regular basis. In order to attract and retain the right level of talent and grow value in your company, sustainability needs to be central to what you do. It needs to be part of your DNA, something that all stakeholders have bought into. Otherwise, you’ll find the people you need to help grow your businesses, are now growing someone else’s business. One that takes sustainability seriously.