Why it’s never too early to have an exit plan.
Published: November 07, 2019

The idea of exiting may seem far off, and all of your efforts are going into scaling your business. But there are good reasons why it pays to be exit ready. What if you grow tired of your business, or you can’t carry on because of illness, or a key member of your team leaves or someone makes you an unexpected offer? Even if your exit is years away, it makes sense to ensure your business is achieving the highest possible value.

By taking the Value Builder test you’ll not only discover the value of your company, you’ll learn its true potential. You can build value in your business, quickly and efficiently. In fact, it took just eight months for companies that adopted this system to increase their value by 18%. That’s worth doing whether you’re going to sell your business or not.

Being exit ready is one of the simplest, most cost-effective things you can do. All of the Practitioners at BGI have built and sold businesses, so we know what’s involved. If you’d like to talk about becoming exit ready or any other issues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a Discovery Call. The call is free and totally confidential.