What business owners are saying about The BGI Effect and how we've helped.

Client feedback scores for BGI Effect and BGI Workshops. 

BGI Customer Survey Workshop Score

Workshops rated as excellent to good.

BGI Customer Survey Average Customer Annual Growth%

Clients growth 8.6 times faster than UK average.

BGI Customer Survey Visible Impact within 3 months score

Visible positive impact within 3 months.

BGI Customer Survey gained certainty as a result of BGI

Gained more certainty as a direct result of BGI.

BGI Customer Survey BGI made positive impact on customers businesses

BGI made a positive  business impact.

Client survey 2019.

We are proof that this works, we have grown 300% year on year. 

Paulina Sygulska ~ Founder Grant Tree

We now have the right emphasis on sales, marketing, finance, operations and HR to sustain our scale up goals. 

Phil Lewis ~ LSU

I have no hesitation in recommending BGI if you wish to keep strategy simple but effective, and incorporating accountability.

Peter Lynagh, C.E.O. ~ ABLE

From a small and frustrated business, we applied the BGI scale up strategy. Within six years we grew over 700% and now employ over 1,500 people.

CEO ~ Yonder Digital

Case Studies

The tools and insights I gained were profoundly important for helping me to move forward with my business. 

Mary-Louise Angoujard ~ Rapporta Ltd

We now have clarity and direction, and just as important we have the business growth indicators dialled in to ensure we know we are on track. 

Tom Bausemer, C.E.O. OrderWork

We are clear about who we are and what we do - our vision and purpose. As a result we are trusted and enjoy a good reputation with our clients.

Tony Smith ~ London & Kent Building Services

You have hopes for your business, but how certain are you of achieving them?

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What makes a great BGI client? 

For us, the best client is open-minded and prepared to take appropriate action. Being willing to listen, do the hard work and put new systems and practices in place are all essential to scaling up.

There may be a few bumps along the way, so being able to tackle the journey with a smile on your face is also a great bonus. 

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Is BGI right for you?

If you're an ambitious business owner between £2m to £20m we'll help you scale up and bring certainty to your business.