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What does BGI certainty mean?

Certainty is a big claim and when professing business certainty, you could be forgiven for feeling sceptical. Voltaire even went so far as to say "Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd. There is no certainty."

Death and the taxman may have a different opinion, but why does BGI talk about certainty in such an uncertain world? Why put such a big claim out there? The answer is simple.

BGI's client’s success is articulates their shift from hope to certainty. The national average for small and medium scale business growth is less than 5% per annum. BGI's client’s average growth is 43% per annum, 860% above the national average. But this is not the whole picture. There is more to it than BGI appearing to have a magic wand (we don't by the way).

BGI delivers the certainty of providing proven strategy methodologies, tools, measurements, practitioners and the accountability you need to scale your business. Our clients move away from growth strategies whose foundations are cast from hope.

BGI has researched hundreds of businesses and we have consistently found common threads that undermine their vision, purpose and ability to implement strategy. We understand how to overcome these obstacles to success. But to do so you must be willing to adopt new ways of working, make the important decisions and consistently put the graft in.

Is BGI right for you?

If you're an ambitious business owner between £2 million to £20 million we will help you scale up and bring certainty to your business.

Does your business rely too much on hope and not enough on certainty?
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BGI Case Study Yonder Digital Group

Yonder Digital Group.

Sector: Contact Centre Outsourcing and IT.

Challenge: Seeking rapid acquisition scale up with limited access to bank loans or the necessary board experience.

BGI Case Study Alchemy Coffee


Sector: Food and Beverage, hand roasted coffee.

Challenge: Raising cash to grow and differentiate in a competitive market that the banks and accountants did not understand.

BGI Case Study Direct Response

Direct Response.

Sector: Telecommunications, SaaS and Call Centres. 

Challenge: Facing disharmony among the founders and board, bloated operations and flatlining sales. 

BGI Case Study London and Kent Constructions Services

London & Kent Building Services.

Sector: Construction and Building Services. 

Challenge: Owner wanted to break the cycle of hard work, limited freedom and stagnation of his business.

BGI Case Study Cybrid Solutions

Cybrid Solutions.

Sector: IT and Security. 

Challenge: To move the business model from Capex to monthly recurring revenues to stabilise growth.

BGI Case Study Grant Tree

Grant Tree.

Sector: Finance. Government Grant Funding.

Challenge: Maximise new market opportunities with limited budgets and resource pool.

BGI Case Study


Sector: Online Real Estate. 

Challenge: To overcome a cash crisis, board tensions and lack of clarity to create a successful business ready for sale.

BGI Case Study Holland Opticians

Holland Opticians.

Sector: Opticians. 

Challenge: Business owner looking to overcome issues with founders and create a better work life balance. 

BGI Case Study Spliced Studios

Spliced Studios. Case study coming soon. 

Sector: Interior Design. 

Challenge: Differentiation in a high end design.

BGI Case Study Order Work

Orderwork. Case study coming soon. 

Sector: IT and Logistics. 

Challenge: Disruption of engineering logistics and service by building incredible tech platform and channel.

BGI Case Study Vedra AI

Vedra AI. Case study coming soon. 

Sector: Software AI. 

Challenge: £2 million to £10 million valuation within a year.  AI Development and innovation web apps and users.

BGI Case Study Jermaine Edwards Scale up

Jermaine Edwards. Case study coming soon. 

Sector: Customer Experience Consultant. 

Challenge: Develop an offering that will stand out in a crowded market and attract blue chip clients. 

BGI Case Study V12 Foorwear

V12 Footwear. Case study coming soon. 

Sector: Retail. 

Challenge: Early phase experience of BIG Effect. Desire to re-engineer family business for growth and stability.

BGI Case Study Unisan

Unisan. Case study coming soon. 

Sector: Waste Disposal and Recycling. 

Challenge: Early BGI Effect phase. Transformation to systemisation and growth foundations.

BGI Case Study, Glboal Angels charity scale up for high impact.

Global Angels. Case study coming soon.

Sector: Charity. 

Challenge: Innovation to scale operational reach, access to talent and structure to apply for charitable grants.

BGI Case Study Me Learning

Me Learning Case study coming soon. 

Sector: Online Training and Education. 

Challenge: Turning vision into a reality with a high performance board and products.

BGI Case Study Opal Transfer

Opal Transfer.

Sector: Finance. Fintech Money Tranfer. 

Challenge: Case study coming soon. 

BGI Case Study Plus Samples

Plus Samples.

Sector: Fashion. 

Challenge: Case study coming soon.