Accelerator Workshop.

Accelerate your scale up through strategy implementation.

Client feedback scores for BGI Effect and BGI Workshops. 

BGI Customer Survey Workshop Score

Workshops rated as excellent to good.

BGI Customer Survey Average Customer Annual Growth%

Clients growth 8.6 times faster than UK average.

BGI Customer Survey Visible Impact within 3 months score

Visible positive impact within 3 months.

BGI Customer Survey gained certainty as a result of BGI

Gained more certainty as a direct result of BGI.

BGI Customer Survey BGI made positive impact on customers businesses

BGI made a positive  business impact.

Client survey 2019.

The Accelerator Workshop

Learn all of the key components of scale up through strategy implementation.

This workshop will cover your business purpose, vision, market positioning and values.

From here you will learn the interaction between marketing, sales, operations, finance and talent. 

You will identify the critical numbers to focus on and how these relate to your long-term and monthly targets. 

The final part of the day shows you how you can develop a scale up strategy on just one page. 

Accelerator Workshop £497

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Case studies of businesses using the BGI Effect to scale up. 

What do we mean by certainty? 

Certainty is a big claim and one that may seem unattainable. So how can you achieve it in such an uncertain world?

Certainty means knowing where you are headed and what the outcomes will be. Certainty is having the talent you know will deliver. Certainty is having the confidence to make the right decisions.

BGI delivers certainty by providing proven strategy methodologies, tools, measurements and the practitioners who can scale your business.

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Accelerator Workshop feedback.

I have no hesitation in recommending BGI if you wish to keep strategy simple but effective, and incorporating accountability. 

Peter Lynagh, C.E.O. ~ ABLE

The BGI Promises

We promise to find the right Practitioner for you. 

We promise more certainty in your scale up.

We promise a positive impact on your business.

We promise a consistent scale up strategy.

We promise to give you access to our wider contacts.

You hope your business will scale up.
But how certain are you?

Find your Certainty Score