The Partnership.
Published: June 24, 2020

BGI are proud to announce a partnership with EvolutionCBS and BBB. 

Whatever stage you’re at in your business life cycle, whether it’s seeking growth or looking for a successful sale, you need experts with the skill sets to help you achieve your aims. That’s why we’ve formed this partnership. EvolutionCBS and BBB each has a great reputation in achieving targets for business owners. They are ethical, results driven and value-added providers. 

So where are you currently at in your business life cycle? 

My business is ready for sale and valued between £3m-£50m. 

We recommend you speak to EvolutionCBS. 

EvolutionCBS is a premium service Sale Consultancy focused on highly proactive, handcrafted campaigns for businesses between £5m – £50m turnover. They provide expert guided services to help owners maximise the value of their business and realise a successful outcome. They are deliberately low volume, creating a bespoke campaign for each client.  

They are Selective, Process-driven and Proactive, and won’t take a business to market unless they are ready and realistic.  Evolution CBS guides each client through a transparent, defined process, and doesn’t leave anything to chance. 

Here’s the proof: 

Over the last 8 years they’ve averaged 73% successful campaigns (rising to 78% this FY) They exceed client expectations by 42%. And they’ve completed 356 successful transactions.  

Their uncompromisingly high standards mean that they expect to sell 73% of all businesses they take to market versus a UK market average of just 20%, proactively finding 70 – 100 bespoke potential buyers for each campaign.  

My business has a turnover of between £1.5M-£30m, and I’m looking to increase the value of my business for a future sale one day. 

We recommend you speak to BGI. 

BGI is a Value Generating Service dedicated to growing your business and increasing its value so you’re ready, should you want to sell. The Value Builder System has increased value for thousands of businesses across the world.  

The key team at BGI have all built and successfully sold their own businesses and know what it takes to generate value and achieve a successful exit. They have years of experience dealing with businesses across all sectors.  

Here’s the proof: 

  • They generate business growth figures 8.6 times higher than the UK average.
  • 88% of owners report a positive impact within 3 months.
  • They increase sale value by 150% 

My turnover is currently under £100k or below £1mand I’m serious about business growth. 

We recommend you speak to BBB.  

BBB (Bigger Brighter Bolder) Success Groups is a membership club for ambitious 5 and 6 figure service-based business owners serious about growth. BBB provides an infrastructure of tools, accountability, support, community and culture that consistently delivers entrepreneurial and personal development, goal achievement and business growth. 

BBB are experts in helping business owners either hit their first £100k revenue, and then go on to double their 6-figure business.  All of the core personal and entrepreneurial development content, workshops, programmes, books and downloads are designed, originated and owned by BBB. They have helped over 400 business owners achieve their goals. 

Here’s the proof. 

  • Jon Davies, London Glades – doubled revenue in 3 months. 
  • Emma Ewing, Big Fish Training – went from £50k to £100k in 12 months. 
  • Natalie Chappell, Zest Media – went from £1k a month revenue to £7k in 7 months. 
  • Beckie Towie, The Events Raccoon, doubled pipeline in 17 days. 
  • David Ellery, Ripple Recruit – 50% increase in revenue in 5 months in his 6-figure business 
  • Theresa Smith, Red Mirror – went from £180k to £330k in 12-months. 
  • Chris Brownlee, Worknet – same revenue for 10 years, increased 20% in 12-months and has plan for £1M. 


£5M-£30M looking to sell  £2M-£20M looking to grow value  Under £1M or under £100k looking to grow 
If you’re a business in the £5M-£30M, sector looking to grow value in your business with a future sale in mind contact Mike Whittle If you’re a business in the £2M-£20M sector looking to grow value in your business speak to Ian Mitchell. If you’re a business under £1M and are serious about growth speak to Tracey Miller.