Do you know where you’re going?
Published: July 22, 2022

You set up your business with a plan, a direction of travel, and then set sail, hoping for a fair wind. But as the months and years have gone by it’s worth taking stock to ask – do you know precisely where you are, and what steps to take next to reach your destination?

The issue of navigation is one that that has faced mariners for thousands of years. With water water everywhere, the question arises – where precisely am I? In the past they used many techniques to find their way. One of the simplest methods for determining a ship’s direction was to watch the movement of the sun across the sky. Sailors used the location of the sun as it moved from east to west to guide their route. At noon, they could determine north and south by the shadows cast.

Another method used by early seafarers was to navigate by watching the flight of birds. A sea bird with a fish in its mouth was most likely flying back toward land to eat its catch, while a bird with an empty beak was likely flying out to sea to fish. Sailors on open waters would then follow seabirds back to the shore.

Nowadays the modern mariner has many devices at their disposal: the gyroscopic compass, invented in 1907, can maintain its alignment with true north regardless of the ship’s or the Earth’s magnetic field. Radio navigation has helped sailors determine their position based on the direction of the broadcasting radio antenna and how long it takes to receive radio signals. Nowadays sailors use GPS, which uses signals from satellites instead of radio transmitters. They have improved safety and given peace of mind to those far from home.

But what tools are available to the business owner to discover where their company currently lies?  Are you riding the waves, heading in the right direction, facing storms and uncertainty, or becalmed, unsure where you are, and what to do next?

To help companies navigate, we developed the Certainty Scorecard. A series of quick questions allows you to see precisely how your business performs against six key measures – purpose, values, vision, market positioning, business growth indicators and strategy implementation.  The Scorecard takes less than five minutes to complete. After which you instantly receive your scores, as well as a report which looks at each of the six areas, and the steps you can take going forward. It’s fast, free, and fascinating.

As in the world of sailing, it’s vital to know where you are at all times. The position of your business last month may be significantly different to where you are now due to changes in sales, operations, marketing, cash or talent. Your finances may be fine one month, but in dire straights the next. Talent that you relied on, may have decided to leave. Customers could have found a product or service they prefer to yours. Markets are never static.

That’s why it’s so important to have a strategy that’s fluid and up-to-date, to take account of any eventualities. The Certainty Scorecard is a proven way to look at your strategy, see where you’re headed, and what to do next.

To take the Certainty Scorecard click here.

Bon voyage.