Sector: Contact Centre Outsourcing and IT.
Challenge: Seeking rapid acquisition scale up with limited access to bank loans or the necessary board experience.
Staff headcount grew from 28 to 1,021.
Turnover grew from £2.1M to £17M.
Gross profit grew from 45% to 59%.
Value of the business grew to 8 figure sum.
Sold the business for 8.5 times annual EBITDA.

Reasons For Engaging BGI.

Yonder had a bold five year plan to take an existing small business in the contact centre and grow it rapidly through organic and acquisition growth and then sell.

None of the board or senior management team had done this before or even managed a business this large. We were also trying to do this in the wake of the banking collapse, when banks were rarely lending to small businesses.

Everything was stacked against us and our margin for error was miniscule. We knew we needed help to achieve our ambitious strategic goals.

BGI Approach.

BGI really understood us, they scrutinised our ambitions and business, and believed in us when everyone else thought we were mad.

BGI helped us prepare the foundations for aggressive growth by making sure we had the right marketing, sales, operations, talent and finance in place, and developed a sound acquisition strategy alongside our business as usual operations.

They ensured we applied the right moves at the right times whilst engaging our staff, so they were motivated and inspired for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

BGI were with us every step of the way, through the thick and thin. They also shared their incredible network of talented professionals, from a solicitor, to trainers, to culture and engagement specialists.

The BGI Effect.

Over a five year period we bought four businesses, two were reversed out of a plc and two were privately owned competitors.

These acquisitions were largely funded from vendor finance and repaid out of our own cashflow. In this period we became the largest outsourced contact centre servicing small businesses, with three locations across the UK operating every hour of the day.

We evolved our business model to service the growing omnichannel opportunities, retail demands and data analytics, as well as increasing our technology capabilities.

We managed to sell our business to a VC backed business.

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