Sector: Opticians.
Challenge: Business owner looking to overcome challenges with founders and create a better work life balance.
Sold business.
Relocated to West Country.
Started up several new opticians.
Scaled new operations
Enormous improvement of quality of life.

Reasons For Engaging BGI.

The business I started was not heading in the direction I wanted. I disagreed with my founding partners about the way forward, and what needed to be done. I was also looking for a better quality of working life but wasn’t sure how to achieve this.

BGI Approach.

BGI took me right back to building blocks of strategy – purpose and value. Why was I doing what I was doing? What were the reasons for starting my business? They showed me that success can be measured in other ways than pounds and pence. Personal happiness is key to running a successful business.

The BGI Effect.

BGI’s strategy gave me the plan and the steps I needed to take to fulfil my dream. I sold my stake in the business, sold my house and started again in Malvern, on the Welsh borders. I now get to walk to work through a beautiful spa town. The result of this is that I’m now much happier and more efficient.

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