Sector: IT and IT Professional Services.
Challenge: To move the business model from Capex to monthly recurring revenues to stabilise growth.
Won new business of the year.
Increase in monthly recurring revenues.
Gross profit growth.
Value of the business grew due to strategic pivot.
Cash position strengthened and investment ready.

Reasons For Engaging BGI.

Cybrid was a start-up business with great ambitions.

We had a lean but very effective team and went out and did what needed to be done, but we knew that we did not have all of the answers to consistently scale up our business.

I was recommended to BGI and went on a day course to understand what scale up strategy is all about and how to create our own growth plan.

BGI Approach.

The BGI workshop was an eye opener.

We realised we were missing some vital approaches and potentially stunting our long-term aspirations.

After the course we made some quick changes but we realised ongoing insight and guidance was the key to sustain the momentum.

BGI explored our purpose, structure, differentiation in the marketplace and supporting metrics at great depth.

BGI challenged the business model we had, as well as cashflow, legal structures, required systemisation and talent engagement to support hypergrowth.

The BGI Effect.

BGI’s ability to cut through all of the difficult questions and issues was and still is invaluable.

We now have the confidence and certainty to rapidly make decisions and make steps forwards. We focus on the numbers and actions that matter.

We have evolved our business model to an Opex model and put new contracts in place to ensure sustainable incomes and long-term growth and shareholder value.

We are now well placed to access EIS investment to fund future growth and cashflow demands.

BGI’s access to an enormous network of amazing companies and tools has saved us so much time as they understand and are aligned with us.

We are still in the early phases but there is so much less friction in our growth.

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