Sector: Food and Beverage - Hand roasted coffee shops.
Challenge: Raising cash to grow and differentiate in a competitive market that the banks and accountants did not understand.
Asset growth.
Value of the business.
Turnover growth.
Capital to buy assets and acquisitions.
Strategic acquisition.

Reasons For Engaging BGI.

Alchemy was caught in a trap. The bank and accountants did not understand our sector or business model and they kept writing down the assets of our business and then refusing to allow us to borrow which in turn meant we could not make the investments to grow.

It was incredibly frustrating as we knew our vision was compromised.

BGI Approach.

BGI listened to our vision and delved deep into our business model and frustrations. From here we developed a clear and articulate strategy, giving us demonstrable proof that we could deliver on it.

Now we could engage our accountant with properly valued assets. This in turn meant we could change the conversation with the banks.

BGI also gave us clear structure across all of our marketing, sales, operations, finance and talent. We developed a rhythm of focusing on the right things at the right times and not getting blindsided.

The BGI Effect.

We got the bank on side and access to funds, we grew our roasting capabilities to service increased demands. We bought a business, strategically developed a group of companies and brands, and our revenues doubled.

We are strong enough to acquire more companies and we run as ‘investment ready’ as we know we can survive the most stringent due diligence.

My time is freed up to travel deep into the coffee growing regions to ensure we find the best farmers, thereby producing the finest coffee to roast and serve in our shops.

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