BGI Case Studies.

Choose a case right for your business ambitions.

We have put together a range of case studies to demonstrate the variety of engagements we have and how every customer experience is unique.

BGI Case Study Yonder Digital Group

Yonder, challenge of rapid scale up through organic sales and merger and acquisition strategy.

BGI Case Study Alchemy Coffee

Alchemy, raising funds to buy equipment and open up outlets in an established competitive market.

BGI Case Study Direct Response

From growth plateau frustration to restructure, sustained hyper growth and managed exit. 

BGI Case Study London and Kent Constructions Services

Trying to break the 15 year glass ceiling to grow, delegate and enjoy better lifestyle. 

BGI Case Study Cybrid Solutions

Desire to pivot business model from Capex to stable monthly recurring revenues to stabilise growth.

BGI Case Study Grant Tree

From a kernel of an opportunity to sustained scale up, sector brand granting £millions for customers.

BGI Case Study

Transformation from cash burn to profit, growth and successful planned trade sale exit. 

BGI Case Study Holland Opticians

Desire to transition from the London grindstone by selling up and start again in the Malvern Hills.

BGI Case Study Spliced Studios

Differentiation in a high end design.

BGI Case Study Order Work

Disruption of engineering logistics and service by building incrdible tech platform and channel.

BGI Case Study Vedra AI

£2 million to £10 million valuation within a year.  AI Development and innovation web apps and users.

BGI Case Study Jermaine Edwards Scale up

Desire to define market position, brand, contracts and charging structures. First six month o BGI Effect.  

BGI Case Study V12 Foorwear

Early phase experience of BIG Effect. Desire to re-engineer business for growth and stability.

BGI Case Study Unisan

Early BGI Effect phase. Transformation to systemisation and growth foundations.

BGI Case Study Global Angels

Innovation to scale operational reach, access to talent and structure to apply for charitable grants.

BGI Case Study Me Learning

Turning vision into a reality with a high performance board and products.

BGI Case Study Opal Transfer

Case study coming soon. 

BGI Case Study Plus Samples

Case study coming soon. 

What makes a successful customer engagement with BGI? 

Let's be frank. Not every customer engagement is an award winning success and by choosing the BGI Effect service you will not have a golden ticket to the certainty of success. So when do we create certainty and success and when does it fall short? 

We wouldn't be who we are if we did not obsess and analyse this. Over the years we have become very clear on our position on who will be successful and why. Please feel free to ask us and we will happily share our learnings.  

Is BGI right for you?

If you're an ambitious business owner between £2 million to £20 million we will help you scale up and bring certainty to your business.