Business Scorecards.

Sometimes you need a light to guide you, an illuminating insight to show where you're headed and how your journey is going.

The Certainty Scorecard. For business scale up.

Business Certainty Scorecard

*Figures are generated from client surveys and BGI scorecards.

Designed for those who are keen to scale their business.

Using the BGI methodology companies have grown 8.6 times faster than the UK national average*.

The Scorecard takes just four minutes.

Free and totally confidential.

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You will be given insights for six critical areas of business growth. 

You will gain insights on the main reasons why business fail to scale, and ways to avoid pitfalls that could hold you back. 

Free and totally confidential.

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The Value Builder Scorecard. Increase your business value. 

BGI Value Builder

* Statistics have been generated from research and client performance of businesses using the Value Builder system. 

BGI has partnered with Value Builder. 

Developed for owners who wish to build a business of value that is highly attractive to offers of investment, sale, succession or flotation.

The Value Builder System is statistically proven to increase the value of your company. Over 8 months companies, on average, increased their value by 18%*

The questionnaire takes 13 minutes to complete, after which you will get an instant score. 

Free and totally confidential.

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The scorecard focuses on 8 drivers of increasing company value. 

Free and totally confidential.

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The Exit Scorecard. Are you ready to exit?

BGI has partnered with PREScore.

Designed for business owners considering life after running their business. How prepared are you to exit?

75% of business owners regret their exit a year after leaving. You can exit with no regret. 

Free and totally confidential. 

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The Scorecard will take eight minutes and looks at four key areas for a successful exit: future vision, structuring flexibility, personal detachment and team involvement.

This has been developed after analysing 40,000 business owners and 200 in-depth interviews.

Free and totally confidential.

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Client feedback scores for BGI Effect and BGI Workshops. 

BGI Customer Survey Workshop Score

Workshops rated as excellent to good.

BGI Customer Survey Average Customer Annual Growth%

Clients growth 8.6 times faster than UK average.

BGI Customer Survey Visible Impact within 3 months score

Visible positive impact within 3 months.

BGI Customer Survey gained certainty as a result of BGI

Gained more certainty as a direct result of BGI.

BGI Customer Survey BGI made positive impact on customers businesses

BGI made a positive  business impact.

Client survey 2019.

We now have clarity and direction, and just as important we have the business growth indicators dialled in to ensure we know we are on track.

Tom Bausemer, C.E.O. OrderWork

The BGI Promises

We promise to find the right Practitioner for you. 

We promise more certainty in your scale up.

We promise a positive impact on your business.

We promise a consistent scale up strategy.

We promise to give you access to our wider contacts.

You hope your business will scale up.
But how certain are you?

Find your Certainty Score