BBB, BGI and EvolutionCBS Masterclass on Re-engineering for Business Growth
Published: May 12, 2020

Whatever issues you’re facing right now, it’s important to get fresh perspectives on the actions to take and mindsets you can adopt to re-engineer your business for growth.

This 60-minute webinar is designed to give you the inspiration you need to re-engineer your business.

BGI is proud to partner with EvolutionCBS and BBB.

What can you expect?

You’ll hear inspiring stories about businesses that have re-engineered, moved into online offerings, developed innovative ideas, new ways of working, and who have advanced, when others retreated.

We’ll explain the key strategies you need to have in place to navigate these stormy waters and put your business is a position to grow.

You’ll learn how to create a business of value, putting you in the perfect position to sell one day.

Who will you hear from?

Ian Mitchell, CEO of BGI. Ian has built and successfully sold businesses and has a proven track record in transforming companies in turbulent times, including the current Covid-19 virus. Ian will take you through proven strategies to increase value.

Rob Goddard, Executive Chairman of EvolutionCBS. Rob has considerable experience in the Financial and M&A Sectors. He’s also a successful business author, having written The 11 Commandments and 7 Cardinal Sins of Selling a Business. Rob will talk about the steps you can take to achieve growth, leading one day to a successful sale.

George Swift, Founder of BBB Success Groups. George has been leading groups for 23 years, using neurosciences, evolutionary psychology and proven success methodologies. George will talk about the core strategies to grow your business.

Why have these businesses come together?

Whatever stage you’re at in your business life cycle, whether it’s seeking growth or looking for a successful sale, these companies will offer the help and advice appropriate for where you are and where you want to get to.

EvolutionCBS is a premium sales consultancy business focused on highly proactive campaigns for companies looking to sell.

BGI is a Value Generating Service, dedicated to growing businesses and increasing their value.

BBB Success Groups is a membership club supporting five and six figure service-based business owners serious about growth.

They each have a great reputation in achieving targets for ambitious business owners. They’re ethical, results-driven and value-added providers.