Our story.

BGI is unique in that the key team have all built and successfully sold their businesses.

We wished we known at the start of the journey what we knew at the end. We realised that the lessons we’ve learned, the insights we’ve uncovered and the methodologies we’ve developed would be invaluable to ambitious owners. And that's why we set up BGI. 

Our approaches ensure owners avoid unnecessary pitfalls, increase the value of their business, and one day achieve a successful sale.

Our Purpose.

The core of BGI is to help business owners realise their vision, beat the odds, to be the difference between success or failure.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to become the go-to brand for ambitious business owners. We want to increase the value of businesses all over the world.

Our USP.

Only BGI has the unique blend of proven entreprenuers, software tools providing data driven insights to scale up and increase the value of your  business.

Our Values.

At BGI we're passionate about what we do, accountable at all levels for our actions. We are committed to delivering positive outcomes and demand excellence in everything. 

Is BGI right for you?

If you're an ambitious owner with turnover between £2 million to £20 million, and looking to increase the value of your business, why not talk to us?




Meet the BGI Team.

When we aren't working, we like to do the unusual.

You might find one of us playing lead guitar on stage, writing acclaimed novels, climbing Everest, spending time with our family, sailing across an ocean, working with charities, hosting a world record breaking dinner party, or in search of the perfect cup of coffee.

We're always up to something unusual.

BGI Leadership Team.

BGI Practitioner Team.

BGI Strategy on a Page accredited Partners.

BGI has over 100 accredited Strategy on a Page Partners. Our Partners are all trained in our core methodology. Over and above this they have specialist skills and tools required for businesses to scale up. 

These specialist areas include the full spectrum of strategy across marketing, sales, operations, finance and talent.

Is BGI right for you?

To learn more about increasing the value of your business speak to one of our team.

Want to join our team?

BGI is always looking for ambitious talented people who are passionate about our purpose and vision.

We are constantly looking to hire in all departments.

Find out if BGI has the perfect role for you.

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Our chosen charity.

Global Angels and Global Sustainable Development Goals

Molly Bedingfield, whose children went onto become household names in the music industry, is dedicated to ensuring Global Angels drives positive impact for disadvantaged communities.  

Global Angels projects are designed to break the poverty cycle and deliver a grass roots approach to the 17 global sustainable development goals. 

In 2018 BGI formerly committed to actively support Global Angels UK project delivery team and their Tsavo community project in Kenya.

BGI spent a week in Kenya directly working on the Tsavo project in June 2019 to help Global Angels deliver on their vision to take 14,000 people from poverty to sustainable development.

Molly Bedingfield BGI Charity

"I love BGI and their team. Over the years, BGI's passion to champion Global Angels and support our vision, strategy and work has been a huge strength to us.

Their generous support and encouragement on our journey has helped us be who we are. BGI’s recent work is totally dynamic in fulfilling our potential as an organisation.

Molly Bedingfield ~ Founder and CEO.

BGI Investors. 

BGI are very privileged to have high quality investors.

Our investors have been instrumental in assisting with our product and service innovation. BGI has big plans for the future and our investors have been key to realising our growth.

Our investors come from a wide range of backgrounds. We also have BGI customers who like what we do so much they invested in us. 

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about investment opportunities.