Who are we?

BGI was founded by Deri Llewellyn-Davies.

Deri’s vision was to help business owners succeed and scale up by providing the right strategy and tools.

BGI has grown from a kernel of an idea to an organisation that has advised and delivered game-changing outcomes for over 300 boards.

We know it’s not easy to take your business through scale up. Often you are faced with limited financial resources, long working hours, talent gaps, whilst taking all the risk and dealing with all the pressures.

We understand your world and the steps you need to take.


Our purpose is to help ambitious owners scale up their businesses and ensure they enjoy the journey.


Our vision is to become the go to brand for ambitious business owners. BGI will do this by providing the right tools, proven scale up guidance and data driven insights.


Only BGI has the unique blend of scale up tools, ongoing guidance and data driven insights.

Is BGI right for you?

We are very clear on who we can help.

If you are an ambitious business owner between £2 million to £20 million we will bring certainty to your scale up.

If you turnover less than £2 million we have an Academy service suitable for your stage of business growth.

BGI has a team of over 50, with years of experience working with companies both large and small.

The key partners in BGI have all built and scaled up their own businesses and have guided business owners througn the stages of scale up.

We know both the pleasure and the pain of being an entrepreneur, and what it takes to succeed.

We're proud to be partners with the following companies.


Our commitment to make a difference to disadvantaged communities.

BGI supports the Global Angels 100% Promise.


We believe no matter how busy we are, we need to ensure we give back and make a commitment to disadvantaged communities. In 2018 BGI formerly committed to actively support Global Angels and their Tsavo Project in Kenya.

BGI’s CEO, Ian Mitchell, will spend a week in Kenya directly working on the Tsavo project in June 2019 to help Global Angels deliver on its vision to transform 14,000 people from poverty to sustainable development.

From hope to certainty.


Want to join our team?

BGI is always looking for ambitious talented people who are passionate about our purpose and vision.

We are constantly looking to hire in all departments.

Find out if BGI has the perfect role for you.

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