Most companies are not clear on their strategy and do not have a proven method for recording their action, or holding themselves accountable.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you 100% clear on what your targets are this month in the 5 main areas of your business & who is responsible for the actions?

Do you trust yourself to hold yourself accountable to meet your targets?

Have you forecasted the impact on meeting those targets over the next few months?

BGI’s methodology & framework is based on BGI Strategy on a Page™, which is strategy from PURPOSE all the way through to ACCOUNTABILITY, accompanied by actions & targets on one single page of A4.

BGI Strategy on a Page™ came from Deri Llewellyn-Davies’ extensive business experience through being non-executive and executive on 18 different boards, advising over 125 companies including angel and venture capital networks and his MBA. It has proven to work with one-person companies to 20 million companies.

What are the benefits?

BGI Strategy on a Page™ was created when Deri was asked on numerous occasions when raising capital & in business consultancy; what is the essence of the business? This is normally illustrated with an Executive Plan, but many templates like this don’t work, as businesses are unique. Additionally, by the time they are written they are out of date because strategy and the world moves so fast.

Therefore, BGI Strategy on a Page™ combats the speed and acceleration in the business world, by enabling that adaptation of changes strategically when altered by external and internal markets. The concept provides a monthly accountability system, being able to flex strategy in the now, medium term and long term.

This methodology doesn’t come lightly – it has taken him 17 years to get strategy onto one single page, and it’s very powerful & unique to BGI.

BGI offers many different formats for you to engage with the page:

– The BGI Strategy on a Page™ book allows you to learn more about the different methods of strategy & implement them

– The BGI Strategy on a Page™ software application enables you to engage digitally with your page & holds you accountable

– Or you can experience BGI Strategy on a Page™ first hand through:

BGI Congresses
BGI Masterclasses
1-2-1 Consulting

No matter what your size and budget, BGI has created a format that is suitable to you & your learning style. BGI is incredibly passionate about Strategy on a Page, the power it brings to a business and how it aligns rhythm, theme and legend to be sown daily and weekly in your company.