How we help you scale up your business.

BGI offers a unique combination of success-driven strategy supported by proven specialists and game changing data insights to ensure you achieve scale up.

We now have clarity and direction, and just as important we have the business growth indicators dialled in to ensure we know we are on track.

Tom Bausemer, C.E.O. OrderWork

What can you expect?


We will get to know you and your business, where you are now and where you want to take it. We will also identify any areas requiring immediate attention and create a scale up strategy.

With you, we will make sure you have the right business advisor who you trust, can communicate openly with and who will take you through the scale up stages.



At this stage we ensure you have the critical ingredients to scale up. Most importantly we identify and stabilise any areas of the business that are going to be detrimental to your growth. 



Acceleration focuses on delivering the blend between marketing, sales, operations, cash and talent for scale up. 

BGI will give you the tools, guidance and insight to develop this delicate blend to keep you fast and agile. 



Often a business will accelerate only to plateau and slip into premature decline. Momentum is designed to counter this. 

We will help build systems to deliver wider and deeper market penetration, strengthen your board and motivate staff across your business.





The prime stage of scale up is when your culture and teams are strong enough to run and evolve your business. 

You will be in a position to deliver product innovation, mergers and acquisitions, spread into new markets and expand product ranges to increase customer life time value and serve market demand. 

Businesses that have benefitted from the BGI Effect.


Bringing certainty to your scale up.


If you have a business between £2M to £20M book a discovery call to find out how The BGI Effect will help you scale up your business. 

Mastery Effect

If your business is up to £2M we run support programmes suitable for your growth stage, with online content, workshops with support services at an affordable price.

Accelerator Effect

You hope your business will scale up,
but how certain are you?

Find your Certainty Score