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2018 dates TBC, Stockholm

Business Growth Accelerator Workshop

In this hands-on, interactive one day workshop, we will get to know your business, help you uncover anything that maybe holding you back and put together the strategy you need to overcome it and accelerate your growth. The Business Growth Accelerator Workshop will truly inspire you, and more than that, make your business aspirations achievable.

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2018 dates TBC,

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Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is designed for all leaders of businesses and their management teams, from FTSE 500 to entrepreneurial companies, who want to take their businesses (and themselves) to the next level.


  • At the workshop we will demystify strategy in front of your eyes
  • We will empower you to take back control of the growth of your business
  • We will unravel the very reason why people get into business (be it passion, having more time, more money, freedom, less stress) and why this can become a poisoned chalice - and then we will show you the way out...

...In the workshop we will take you through 3 key stages:


We delve into the 5 critical strategic areas of your business and
show you how to excel across all of them:

“It’s been an amazing experience. One of the most important things is to know what you don’t know and what it’s given us is these insights into those blind spots

Lee - Attendee at the Business Growth Accelerator Workshop


What is the true essence of marketing, what should the output really be and why are business owners missing one key measurable in this killer strategy?


The only strategy which will directly give you scale and yet the most difficult to replicate. It’s the one key focus which most businesses don’t have.


This area is fundamental, yet most business owners fail to put systems in place at the right time, and break as a result. We cover the four critical systems in order to scale.


Most entrepreneurs just don’t understand the numbers. Even when growth kicks in, cash becomes tighter and business owners lack spare capital to drive growth. Investment is key at this phase.


Most business owners are doing too much themselves. Many simply have the wrong people in the wrong roles. Few business owners know how to recruit, retain and reward top talent in the new world.

Your Strategy on One Page

We’ll begin the process of getting your entire business strategy on just one page of A4. This means a flexible, online document that you can use to manage your team, assess your progress of targets and even raise finance. We can’t cover all aspects of the page in a single day but you will be given the guidance and knowledge required to complete this yourself.

Your 90 Day plan

A 90-day plan for all 5 strategic areas of your business; marketing, sales, operations, cash and talent. By the end of the day, we will leave you inspired, educated and fully equipped to accelerate your business.

A free copy of our #1 bestseller

We give you the Strategy on a Page best selling book for free at our Accelerator Workshop

So you can continue being inspired by the magic of getting your Strategy on a Page after the workshop


2018 dates TBC,


Or attend our global Accelerator Workshops in
London or Singapore

2,297.00 kr workshop includes...

  • eBook Copy of the BGI Strategy on a Page Amazon Best seller Book
  • Access to the "Purpose Academy" Online Training
  • Breakfast, unlimited snacks and refreshments served all day
  • Hot restaurant Lunch
  • Networking opportunities during workshop
  • Money back guarantee if you don’t think it’s worth every penny
  • Livestream option for London dates if you are unable to attend in person

What Do Past Attendees Think?


Strategy on a Page was first developed by Deri Llewellyn-Davies, Founder & CEO of Business Growth International (BGI), when he set his mind to bringing business leaders the insight into business and strategy he realised they are missing.

“Only after running 12 businesses of my own and advising over a hundred, did I start to see the common threads. It was always the same strategies missing and yet nobody was teaching them, and certainly not all in one place."
- Deri Llewellyn-Davies, BGI Founder & CEO

Deri has risen to European board level in billion dollar corporations and advised in a consulting capacity from governmental bodies to FTSE 100 organisations. He’s advised over 300 Boards, and run workshops for 100’s of multi million pound CEOs.

Deri and his team have a wealth of experience that has allowed them to develop and train others in the methodology BGI Strategy on a Page - empowering SMEs to create self-managing businesses with exponential growth.


Here at Business Growth International we are democratising strategy and as such we don’t believe in competition but collaboration in this space. Therefore, we have assembled a world-class talent pool of over 100 accredited partners and joint venture partners internationally. So no matter what you need, we have got your back.


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